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Toy Safety

It is crucial that consumers be informed andsoutheast-asian-girl.jpg not misled. While it is
true that over 80 percent of the toys sold in this country are imported from Chinese and Indian manufacturing plants and an additional 10% are composed in America, of parts manufactured in China, companies make toys ... countries don't. It's important that we not view all toy companies as a singular entity.

Please be reassured that we take the safety of our products and the safety of our customers very seriously. To date, products distributed by Zuri's World have not been part of the recalls involving "lead paint" in toys.

The race to produce cheap toys has resulted in a few unscrupulous manufacturers cutting corners on quality and safety, in order to meet the American consumer demand for lower prices.

Our Three Criteria for Toy Selection

Unlike mass market toy retailers (you know their names); we select our toys based on four criteria,

1. Quality.

2. Safety.

2. Playability (We call it the “Play Factor” in house).

3. Multicultural Representation (STEM products are usually universal).

 How We Select Our Manufacturers

We hand select manufacturers with integrity – those that would not put children at risk for any amount of money or profit. These manufacturers have hands-on involvement at every stage of the product development – from product design to final delivery. These manufacturers test more, require higher standards in workmanship, and value quality above all else.

Our Commitment

We are committed to insuring that the toys we sell meet the current U.S. standards for safety. All of our toys meet or exceed current U.S. safety standards.

We also recognize that even through our most diligent efforts, it is possible that an unsafe toy could reach our shelves. Therefore, we make the commitment to our customers (who we consider to be our extended family) that should a toy be found unsafe, we will immediately remove the toy from our shelves, contact all previous purchasers of the product, and issue a full refund at our expense.

We invite you to share our Toy Safety Tips with your friends and family, so that they too can select appropriate toys for your children.

The Zuri's World Family