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Maya and Miguel 63 Piece The Pinata Puzzle

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  • Maya and Miguel The Pinata Puzzle

Maya and Miguel 63 Piece The Pinata Puzzle

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Based on the PBS series featuring Latinos Maya and Miguel, their fun family and neighbors, this 63 piece puzzle features Maya and Miguel at a party. Miguel is blindfolded and attempting to hit the candy-filled Pinata. The entire gang is here including their lovable Abuela (grandmother). Papi is playing the guitar, while Maya looks on with the other party guests. The completed puzzle is 15 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall. 


About Maya and Miguel

Maya & Miguel Santos are fraternal twins aged 10 years old whose mother is from Mexico and whose father is from Puerto Rico. Maya has tons of energy, loving soccer and cheer leading. Miguel is a little bit calmer than his excitable sister and he puts the brakes on many of her impetuous ideas. He also loves soccer as well as dancing and playing his guitar. 

Maya tends to snoop around in her family's business which can get her into trouble but luckily her good intentions and her brothers practical nature turn it all to good results in the end. 

The show depicts a loving Latino family and their community of friends and family and most importantly that loving family is the most important gift of all. 

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