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Corolle Mon Premier Tidoo Candy Graceful Bathtime Baby Doll

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  • Tidoo Candy Graceful Bathtime Baby Doll

Corolle Mon Premier Tidoo Candy Graceful Bathtime Baby Doll

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Bath time will never be boring again with Corolle's Tidoo dolls! Tidoo dolls have been specially designed and are so light weight they even float in the tub. Their special polystyrene beads allow them to dry out quickly after bath time and their vinyl bodies have the signature vanilla Corolle scent. Candy Graceful stands at 12 inch tall and she is soft and poseable. Her beautiful, expressive face with blue eyes is life-like and made from vinyl that has been lightly scented with vanilla. Candy Graceful wears a long sleeved light pink and white striped shirt with light pink overalls. She also wears a white head band with a matching white and pink bow. Candy Graceful has her own little white towel to help herself get all dried off. All of Candy Graceful's clothing is removable so it is easy to change her into different outfits. Whether your little one is looking for a bath time playmate or a tea party guest, Tidoo Candy Graceful is the perfect companion!

Specially designed for bathtime play, Corolle's Tidoo Candy Graceful is so light it floats in water and dries quickly for fun out of the tub as well. This 12-inch baby doll for little mommies ages 18 months and up also features sleeping eyes and smooth, supple vinyl skin that is delicately scented with vanilla -- a Corolle signature.

tidoo-candy-graceful-head.jpgThis beautiful Black baby doll has a huggable soft body and supple, vinyl skin that’s delicately scented with vanilla, a Corolle signature. 

Specially designed for bathtime play, Tidoo Candy Graceful doll floats in the tub and dries quickly. Tidoo Candy Graceful is soft, posable, and so light she floats in water. Filled with polystyrene beads that dry quickly, Tidoo will be your child’s favorite playmate out of the tub, too. When bathtime is over, simply air-dry the doll by hanging it from the tab on the back of its neck.

Tidoo Candy Graceful's sweetly expressive face will captivate little ones, while her soft poseable body will invite lots of hugs and cuddles. Tidoo Candy Graceful features quality materials and careful attention to detail. Her face and limbs are made of soft, supple vinyl that’s delicately scented with vanilla and her brown eyes close when you put her down for a nap or at bedtime, just like a real baby. From waking to sleep, Tidoo Candy Graceful will be your child's favorite companion.

Tidoo Candy Graceful introduces children to a world of nurturing play. 
Little ones love taking care of their baby dolls the way their parents take care of them. 

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