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Chocolate Me

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Chocolate Me

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"The boy is teased for looking different than the other kids. His skin is darker, his hair curlier. He tells his mother he wishes he could be more like everyone else. And she helps him to see how beautiful he really, truly is. For years before they both achieved acclaim in their respective professions, good friends Taye Diggs and Shane W. Evans wanted to collaborate on Chocolate Me!!, a book based on experiences of feeling different and trying to fit in as kids. Now, both men are fathers and see more than ever the need for a picture book that encourages all people, especially kids, to love themselves." -

Parents of children of color often do not know the proper way to increase their child’s self-esteem and confidence. Parents in mixed race families have even more difficulty. Taye Diggs, famous father and author, has helped by offering positive messages of self-esteem for children of color in his new book , Chocolate Me! In Chocolate Me!, Mr. Diggs' heartwarming tale addresses the problems of self-esteem and confidence. His lifelong inspiration to answer and provide a new understanding to families and children of mixed nationalities is nothing short of amazing.

“Chocolate Me!,” by Mr. Diggs is a conglomerated project finding its origins in Mr. Diggs own lifestyle and upbringing -- he suffered from self-esteem issues as a child. Self- Esteem is addressed to the child who finds their self-different from others in society, and provides opportunities for all parents to begin talking with their children about being different and/or not accepted for being different. 

child may ask, "Is there another Chocolate Me!?" or "Why doesn't anyone else look like me?" These questions are often asked in innocence, but these questions need answers to maintain a child’s self-esteem. Taye Diggs' Chocolate Me! is the perfect vehicle to help parents begin discussing self-esteem and confidence while promoting self-love and acceptance.

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Taye Diggs
Feiwel & Friends
Age Range:
4 - 8
Publication Date:
September 2011
10.6 inches x 8.8 inches x 0.4 inches

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