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  • Walter Mosley's 47


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Number 47, a fourteen-year-old slave boy growing up under the watchful eye of a brutal master in 1832, meets the mysterious Tall John, who introduces him to a magical science and also teaches him the meaning of freedom.

In his first young adult book, acclaimed mystery writer Mosley tells a stirring story of escape from slavery in which science fiction and African American myth blend with the realism of plantation brutality and the courage of resistance. A boy today remembers himself as a 14-year-old slave named 47, living in Georgia in 1832. He recalls being chained, branded, and whipped until the runaway Tall John inspires him to fulfill his destiny and lead his people to freedom. Like the mythical figure High John the Conqueror, the runaway comes from "beyond Africa," and he shows the boy the secrets of the universe.

Author: Walter Mosley. 240 pp. Grades: 7 - 10. Hardcover. Publisher: Wiley, 2002.

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