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Building and Maintaining Self-Esteem in Children of Color

dlm-simone1.jpg"Dolls are where girls get early lessons about self-image and identity. When people have told me that “Barbie’s just a doll,” I’ve argued that she’s a metaphor for a social predilection toward whiteness, and the privileges that go along with it. Girls of color can suffer from an identity distortion when they don’t see images of themselves represented in popular culture and the media. There’s a self-esteem issue here."

Ophira Edut 

Since the 1930's, psychologists and sociologists have noted how important is for children of color to see positive images that look like them. Following is a list of related articles on building self-esteem and identity in children of color.

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Self-Esteem in Black Girls, 2011, The Examiner.

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